[ppml] Policy Proposal 2005-5: IPv6 HD ratio

Kevin Loch kloch at hotnic.net
Wed May 25 14:27:01 EDT 2005

Edward Lewis wrote:

 > 1) Will the tightening of the HD-ratio mean that ARIN will have to
 > turn around addressing requests faster?  I am not saying there is a
 > problem now, but raising the HD-ration means that I would have to
 > delay asking for new space until I passed the 0.8 threshold and until
 > I hit the new one.  Delaying here means losing lead time from request
 > to need to use.

With HD=0.94 and an allocation of /32 the threshold would be about
50%.  You would have about 32,000 customer assignments left at that
point.  Lead time should not be an issue.

 > 2) Will the tightening of the HD-ratio mean a significantly more dense
 > use of the space resulting in more incidents of end-user renumbering
 > if their needs grow?

The threshold appplies to total number of /48's.  The choice of dense or
sparse assignment policy does not affect the threshold.

- Kevin

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