[ppml] tying back to 2005-1

Kevin Loch kloch at hotnic.net
Fri May 20 16:34:11 EDT 2005

> It says whatever the applicant would be able to receive directly whatever
> they would qualify for if receiving space from an LIR.  For a single site
> organization, that would likely be a /48.  For a multi-site applicant,
> perhaps they could argue the current policy entitles them to a /48 per
> site...  certainly alot of the posts in the IPv6>>32 thread have asserted
> these "rights" and "requirements".

The policy definition of "end site" has nothing to do with physical
locations.  As I read it a single customer with multiple separate
physical locations would still have to use just one /48 to not trigger
the RIR review process.  The policy acknowledges that this will likely
evolve as we gain operational experience.

I suggest that exceptions be made for end sites that
have separate physical locations connecting to different
POP's of the same ISP.  If they connect to the same POP
I don't see the problem with sharing a /48.

- Kevin

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