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Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu May 19 14:45:03 EDT 2005

> I don't that's really the question in IPv6 as the minimum routed segment,
> according to the current address plan, is /64, which certainly supports a
> *REALLY LARGE* number of devices.
> The question is more about whether there needs to be more than one routed
> segment per room...??

I concur.  However, I think the only possible answer is sometimes <1
(few device(s) per room with multiple rooms sharing a routed segment),
sometimes 1 (each room gets a routed segment), and, sometimes many.
To me, it doesn't make sense for ARIN policy to get down to this level
of implementation detail.  That should be between the LIR and the
end user (university and student/dorm/campus in this case).  Current
policy allows for all of these possibilities.  There seems to be some
confusion about this as some people don't seem to read the policy that
way, so, I can, perhaps see a need to clarify current policy to make
sure that people understand that the routed segment boundary can
occur anywhere they choose to put it in their network, and, that it
is OK to issue a single subnet where it's appropriate.

I can also see the potential desire to be able to allocate groups of
routed segments smaller than /48 (which isn't currently allowed as
I read the policy).  If we do, we should put them at least on 4 bit
boundaries (allowing /48, /52, /56, and /60) or 8 bit boundaries
(allowing /48 and /56).


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