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Owen and all,

  I also do not have the same experiences Michael evidently had,
and so far as I can recall, no one else I know of had these same
experiences regarding university attendance.  Dorm costs/fees
were not bundled with tuition at U of T or at SMU where I went
to school.  The only place/school I can recall that has a similar
arrangement that I can attest to would be the Naval Academy
and Navel staff and war colleges.  And this was only for
non-married attendies/cadets.

Owen DeLong wrote:

> > Dorm rooms usually include hotel-like services. When I was
> > in uni, a maid came once a week to clean everybody's room.
> Interesting.  That is different from any of the dorms with which
> I am familiar.  It has been some time, so, policies may have
> changed, but, last I looked, this was not the case at any
> of the University of California, Stanford, University of
> British Columbia (Vancouver), or California State Universities.
> > We had cooked meals provided 3 times a day if we wanted it.
> This was not bundled with the dorm at any of the universities I
> am familiar with.
> > There was no lease for the room. It was bundled with the
> > educational services. If you leave university you have to
> > move out of the dorm as well.
> While university attendance was a prerequisite/condition of the
> dorm lease, university attendence did not necessarily include
> a dorm room.  There was an additional rental fee and agreement.
> Finally, some dorms I knew included a telephone line (attached
> to university PBX), while others required students to purchase
> their own phone service, if desired.  Others still did not
> have telecommunications wiring to each dorm room and provided
> pay phones in common areas of the building.
> >
> > However, a university dorm is not a hotel and it is not
> > an apartment. I think we all agree that in our society the
> > university is a special type of entity. It is not a business
> > or a government department or non-profit organization. It is
> > a university, period.
> >
> So... I think there are university dorms that resemble hotels
> as you describe, but, also, ones that come much closer to apartments
> and still others that are different altogether.
> However, there are universities that are businesses.  There are also
> universities which are government departments, and, finally, there
> are some which are run as NPOs.
> Stanford University and Menlo College are examples of universities that
> are run as businesses.
> The University of California and California State Universities are examples
> of government agencies (if you don't believe this, look at their legal
> entitlements in the California Constitution some time and the legal powers
> granted to the Board of Regents).
> I don't have a convenient example of an NPO university off the top of my
> head, but, I know some exist.
> In any case, if they offer IP services to their students in dorm rooms,
> then,
> they have the choice under current policy of whether the end site is the
> campus, collection of dorm buildings, dorm building, dorm room, or, each
> student.  Depending on where they place the end site, each student may
> qualify for a /128, multiple /128s, a /64, or a /48.  I think it would
> be hard to justify each student being an LIR.
> Owen
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