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David Kessens david.kessens at nokia.com
Mon May 16 20:24:58 EDT 2005


On Mon, May 16, 2005 at 05:59:32PM -0600, Randy Lindsey wrote:
> Categories should not be based on who you are (home, SOHO, enterprise)
> but rather on what you do with the address space and your justification
> for it.  I don't think it is rocket science to set some criteria around
> number of hosts, number of subnets etc. similar to the current
> justification.
> A very simple (and no doubt inadequate) set of categories would be:
>   - 1 host (are we really talking about global routing entries at this
> level?)
>   - 1 subnet (um, what size?)
>   - 2-5 subnets
>   - 6-20 subnets

You are obviously right with this one.

I used the term "SOHO" in the context of a groups of users with
simular needs that are currently getting rather large assignments of
address space for which it is questionable that they ever need that
many subnets.

The recommendation would probably read something more along the lines like:

If there is any chance that the user needs more than one subnet,
assignment of a "SomethingSmallerThan/48" is recommended. The user is
allowed to get a /48 if explicitly requested and a
"SomethingSmallerThan/48" is not enough as stated by the user.

David Kessens

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