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Glenn Wiltse iggy at merit.edu
Mon May 16 16:10:13 EDT 2005

FYI... (not nessarly directed specificly toward the posting included

 It seems our counterparts in Asia beleive it's perfectly legitimate
to assign a /48 to a residence... Even in some cases where there may
initialy be only one computer connected.

 If we were to mimic their policys, it would seem assigning a /48 per
doorm room, or to the people residing in a doorm room would be perfectly

APNIC IPv6 Guidelines

Section 8)

	8.1 Assignment size.

	RFC 3177 and the "IPv6 address allocation and assignment policy"
	state that a single ends site should ussualy be assigned a /48.

	Residential subscribers can receive a /48 when connecting through
	on-demand or always-on connections such as ADSL or CATV.

	If an end site is expected to grow, an LIR may assign a /48 to
	an end site where a /64 or /128 may initially seem more
	appropriate (for example an end site with a single computer)

	An LIR must submit a second opion request to APNIC if it plans
	to assign more then a /48 to an end site (see Section 8.2)

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On Sat, 14 May 2005, Kevin Loch wrote:

> Owen DeLong wrote:
> > I think by default, each student should get a /64.  If, however, the student
> > expresses need for multiple subnets, then, I think a /48 is exactly what was
> > intended under the policy.
> It's not about wether a student needs 65k subnets, it's about wether
> they need 2.  Assigning 2 /64's to a student would violate current
> policy where assigning a /48 would not.
> Interestingly, while they could assign a /48 per _student_, they could
> not assign a /48 per _room_.  "Assignments" are made to legal entities
> and show up in swip/rwhois.  They only get one /48 per campus for their
> own infrastructure, so a /64 per room could be done but a /48 could not.
> If a University was sure they would not be assigning /48's to anyone
> (faculty, on/off campus students, vendors, commercial/industrial
> partners) then a /48 per campus would be all they need.  If they plan on
> assigning /48's then they should get a /32.
> I expect most universities will eventually ask for and receive their
> own /32.  For that reason, reigonal networks that serve them should
> probably not get a large allocation (> /32) based on total downstream
> university customers.
> - Kevin
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