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A case in point:
A long range aircraft (747/A-340/777/A-380) often carries approaching
fifty (50) independent antennas; mixed short range, long range, and
satcom.  The airline typically has from 3 to 6 service providers for
just "air traffic control" links around the globe.  And often a half
dozen or more links are generally active simultaneously and coming and
going constantly.

I anticipate that within about 10 years most of these will be converted
to use IP (most likely IP-v6).  There will probably still be about the
same number of antennas, same number of global service providers (ISP's
by then), and it will still have many links to different providers
active at the same time and coming and going constantly.

Take care

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[Speaking only for myself]


On May 11, 2005, at 3:12 PM, Tony Hain wrote:
> You appear to be thinking in terms of existing fixed networks and the
> cumbersome tools that vendors provide for managing those. It is not  
> hard to
> imagine a personal area and/or vehicle network where the handset/ 
> router
> changes providers between available short range and long range  
> radios over
> fairly short time periods.

It is also not hard to imagine world peace, the hard part is actually  
getting there...

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