[ppml] IPv6>>32

Kevin Loch kloch at hotnic.net
Fri May 13 13:39:34 EDT 2005

Glenn Wiltse wrote:
>    I have heard people desribe a end site as anything from a
> business to a person. Which leaves alot of room for confusion
> as to what is right. I beleive some people even consider that
> possibly a phone or other device could be considered a 'end site'
> and therefore deserving of a /48. 

Phones and devices are not capable of entering into business
relationships (at least here in Virginia), so the entity with
the business relationship with the ISP would not qualify for an
additional /48 after they assigned it to the device.  If the
entity was an ISP they could assign a /48 to their own device(s) in each
POP under current policy, but that's it.

>   The other deffintion of importance here is ISP/LIR... I think
> one could easily argue that a university such as lets say Columbia
> is a ISR. (Or maybe MSU, UofM, WSU, etc...)  Columbia University
> was indeed given a /32 by ARIN. I'm not sure how they justified this
> this direct allocation from ARIN. However it clearly was done.

Most if not all universities could easily qualify for a /32 from ARIN
under current policy.

>   Anyway, back to my point... The bottom line seems to be how you define a
> ISP and/or a End Site. Untill people can agree on these types of
> diffintions, the current ARIN policy is very nebulous at best. 

I think the definitions are very clear.  They are also very liberal
which causes confusion when people try to project limitations into
them that aren't there.

If we don't want universities to be able to assign a /48 to each student
the policy needs to be changed to reflect that.  I don't see how we can
do that without singling out "university students".

- Kevin

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