[ppml] IPv6>>32

Kevin Loch kloch at hotnic.net
Fri May 13 13:11:35 EDT 2005

Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> Based on a previous response to me, individual customers within a single
> building are apparently not considered "sites".  

Is this an undocumented ARIN policy?  It directly conflicts with the
official policy:

6.2.9. End site

   An end site is defined as an end user (subscriber) who has a business
   relationship with a service provider that involves:

   1. that service provider assigning address space to the end user
   2. that service provider providing transit service for the end user to
      other sites
   3. that service provider carrying the end user's traffic.
   4. that service provider advertising an aggregate prefix route that
      contains the end user's assignment

There is no restriction on customers in the same physical building
and it applies to any customer, business or individual.  I would
have strong objections to a policy where building == site.  multiple
businesses in the same office building should not have to share
a /48.

> Either way, I'd be
> assigning a /64 per dorm building or per floor -- not per room -- unless
> ARIN forced me to assign more.  From there you can determine what each
> university needs (presumably a /48).

You can do that.  The policy does not force you to assign anything.
Your business relationship with the customer (student) might not
involve assigning space to the student at all (the /64 per dorm in
your example).  Or it might involve assigning a /48 to the student, as
policy does not prevent you from having that business relationship.

The End Site definition does not define the business relationship
with your customer. The business relationship with your customer
determines if they are an End Site.

The definition of End Site is not vague as some have suggested.
It is specific and esaily applied.

- Kevin

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