[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv6 HD ratio/ Really public involvment

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Fri May 13 12:02:51 EDT 2005

I don't think top-posting is the problem.  But I don't mean to harp 
on that.  this message is about the "really public involvement" part 
of the subject.

Although I am at almost every meeting and have a lot of background in 
some parts of the Internet, address allocation is a topic that is 
alien to me.  As the discussion has been raging these past few weeks 
I have been trying to read every thing and find other materials for 

I think one reason there isn't broad input is that fringe players 
like me (and those even further out) have a hard time navigating 
through all of the threads.  Besides misconstrued and mis-attributed 
statements, it's the track of the discussion that is hard to follow.

What would be helpful is an active editor of the discussion, someone 
tracking what is said and laying out the discussion for those that 
don't live and breath this stuff.  E.g., I've completely lost the 
meaning of the subject line "IPv6>>32" - and how does this relate to 
a proposed policy?

To get back to why top posting isn't the problem - as I read through 
all of the messages, it's the top-posted threads that are the easiest 
to follow.  The context is maintained message to message and there is 
no need to scroll through the already-been-read-context to find the 
two lines of comeback.

Top posting is like putting the exec summary first and then letting 
the reader decide how far back to go in the message history before 
context is understood.

As someone said recently - it's not the top-posting, it's not the 
other, it's the mixing of the two that make it hard to follow.

If you have been reading the list, the rest is something you've 
already seen, attached only to give context.

At 11:42 -0400 5/13/05, Chip Mefford wrote:
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>Azinger, Marla wrote:
>|>From my experience I have found there are a large number of people
>within the Internet Community that read about 75% of these postings.
>They also form an opinion.  However, they refrain from commenting.  Why?
>  I have been told by many..."because you already said what I was
>thinking" or "because I dont like speaking or commenting in public forum
>so I just wait until someone else says what I'm thinking."
>There are also those of us who might interject something, but since the
>format is a top-posted, jeaporday style thread, it's difficult
>to contribute without being misconstrued.
>Please don't top post.
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If you knew what I was thinking, you'd understand what I was saying.

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