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Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Fri May 13 10:52:54 EDT 2005

Thus spake "Larry J. Blunk" <ljb at merit.edu>
>      I think there are other reasons for considering /56's.   Consider,
> for example, university dorms rooms.  Should each of them get a
> /48?  The University of Michigan has 5793 dorms and 1483 family
> housing apartments (ref -- 
> You'd need a /35 at a minimum to give everyone a /48 and that
> wouldn't leave much headroom or flexibility in addressing hierarchy.
> Realistically, you probably want to assign a /32.
>      Merit provides Internet access for 13 universities and the State
> of Michigan.  Based on the above considerations, we asked for a /28
> from ARIN (enough for a /32 for each university and the state).   Our
> application was denied, and we only received a /32.   What size prefix
> should allocate to the universities (ARIN suggested a /40)?   What
> prefix size should we advise them to assign to dorm rooms?

Based on a previous response to me, individual customers within a single
building are apparently not considered "sites".  Either way, I'd be
assigning a /64 per dorm building or per floor -- not per room -- unless
ARIN forced me to assign more.  From there you can determine what each
university needs (presumably a /48).

Thanks for the info on your application being denied; it's useful to have
real-world examples of policies' effects even if only anecdotal.


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