[ppml] IPv6>>32

Geoff Huston gih at apnic.net
Thu May 12 20:15:53 EDT 2005

>At RIPE last week Geoff gave a follow-up presentation that was spawned by 
>the round table at ARIN.  In the presentation he presented other ways of 
>perhaps squeezing a few more bits of "reserve."
>The report is available here:

The change here was the inclusion on one additional area of consideration, 
that I called "Public Policy - The "Fairness" Factor, that posed the 
question of when should one adjust allocation policies for global public 
resources. noting that early changes tended to create conservative 
outcomes, but avoided the risk of late adopter penalties, while deferring 
changes often created diverse outcomes, typically with early adopter 
rewards. I commented that these issues were parhaps of a lesser 
consideration some time back, but with the role of the Internet firmly 
fixed in the public space these days, then consideration of such issues at 
a global level is quite proper and appropriate.

I also highlighted the option to change later from RFC 3177, but I noted, 
and also noted on this mailing list, that by the time we've got to the 
point of needing changes the massive inertial mass of the billions of 
installed "things" will make any form of alteration in the technology 
really very hard.



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