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william(at)elan.net william at elan.net
Thu May 12 19:39:20 EDT 2005

On Thu, 12 May 2005, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> Based on the last meeting, and my own proposal, the ARIN membership
> is quite clear that they want all assignments in the database.
> I completely forgot to add that to my list of reasons companies might
> choose to give out /128's rather than /48's or /64's, reduction of
> paperwork.

I think you're misinterpreting the discussion at last meeting. It was 
primarily against your proposal to remove requirement for ISPs to keep
publicly available in whois information about their sub-allocations and 
assignments, they already would HAVE TO REPORT to ARIN anyway.

In terms of IPv4 it does not mean that ISPs report every customer with 
single static ip address assignment to ARIN. They only report assignments 
of blocks /29 or larger and anything less then that is optional.

I would suspect that the same would be true for IPv6 and ISPs would report 
to ARIN (and thus it would be visible in public whois) assignments of /48 
blocks but single host assignments of /64 would be optional.

William Leibzon
Elan Networks
william at elan.net

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