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Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu May 12 16:30:59 EDT 2005

> What I see is situation about 10 years from now when ISPs will ask those
> of their users who can support ip6 natively to only use ip6 and ISP would
> be able to provide ip6->ip4 translation for legacy service. Such change
> will allow to reclaim ip4 space, which will be used for users who can
> only support ip4.
I don't see much cooperation with that until such time as ip6 offers at
least the same capabilities of ip4.  We aren't there today.

> When enough users move to ip6, they begin to prefer ip6 native direct
> connection for everything and so content providers accommodate. This
> causes beginning of content providers who with only ip6 available
> content and that would cause desire to move to ip6 for the userbase.
This assertion depends on the validity of the previous assertion.

> If this happens in the right period of time, there will not be exact
> date when we ran out of ip6 and rather there would be some point when
> need for new ip4 will finally slow down as ISPs are able to reclaim
> some space for users who moved to ip6.
And this assertion depends on both of the previous assertions being
true.  I think it is a house of cards, and, I think that the current
state of ip6 is somewhat windy.


> ---
> Note that to make this happen we need ability for users who only got
> IP6 address to still access entire IP4 content space. I've heard of
> at least one such project on linux conference year 1.5 years ago but
> don't remember now what it was...
> -- 
> William Leibzon
> Elan Networks
> william at elan.net

If it wasn't crypto-signed, it probably didn't come from me.
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