[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv6 HD ratio

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Hurray, more posts from people who don't regularly post!

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> What I'd like to see is a bit different: a monthly 
> e-newsletter sent to all members that details what's been 
> recently decided, what's up for discussion on PPML, and why 
> they might care.  At the bottom put a reminder of how they 
> can review the archives and contribute if desired.

It's only quarterly:
The issue prior to each public policy meeting includes the
text of all of the proposals being considered at the meeting.
On the last page (at least, of the copy I got in Orlando,
which *of course* I've read and *of course* I have right
next to me, thank you Jason) are URLs for proposal archives,
meeting minutes, mailing lists, and webcast information.

That issue also included summaries of other recent meetings.
A recent addition to public policy discussions at the meetings
is a summary of the number of posts on a particular proposal 
and the main points made.  This is hard to do in advance of
the meeting, because conversation continues up to the actual
discussion (and sometimes during the discussion!).  It might
be something that could be iterated, though.  MemSvcs?

Member Services:  Is email subscription possible?


PS:  Cheers for Susan and her team!

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