[ppml] IPv6>>32

Davis, Terry L terry.l.davis at boeing.com
Wed May 11 11:15:19 EDT 2005


>> > Some people will switch providers on a daily basis.
>> I am somewhat skeptical that people will switch providers as you 
>> suggest when it takes end-user intervention to implement that 
>> switch.  Renumbering remains a non-trivial exercise.  Connections 
>> break.  Firewall rules change.  Network management objects have to be

>> updated.  Etc. Until renumbering is addressed (no pun intended), I 
>> suspect the scenarios of *ANs switching providers rapidly will remain

>> a fantasy.
>All those problems will be solved when people realise that they
>need to be solved to run IP networks in airplanes, buses, trains,
>cars, freight trucks, delivery vans, etc. The expansion of Wi-Fi
>Internet access combined with on-board IP networks will drive the
>innovation. Look at IPv4. When renumbering became a problem, some
>people created a new protcol, DHCP and created the software needed
>to make automatic renumbering work. I myself use it to change providers
>twice every day when my laptop moves from my home to my office and
>back again. I am confident that the IPv6 world will solve this
>problem too.

I absolutely agree.  And it does not necessarily even have to occur with
a new network protocol.  The new generation of "network aware"
applications is re-defining the old definition of "connected" to deal
with a world where "network connectivity" is forever changing (i.e. like
mobile platforms) and sometimes only available for a few minutes at a
time with ever changing ISP's.

Take care

PS: First instance of a DHCP prototype was originally developed for a
business need by a corporation then shown to the Internet community.

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