[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv6 HD ratio

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Wed May 11 09:05:47 EDT 2005


> And now we get to the crux of the issue. The decay of ARIN
> as a membership organization. Why does ARIN not operate a 
> mailing list for members to discuss policy, etc.? There is no 
> way for members to communicate. A few members are on this 
> public policy mailing list. A few members attend meetings. 
> The vast majority just pay their fees and get their addresses.
> But policy is determined, not by ARIN members but by the 
> industry elite who sit on the ARIN advisory council and the 
> board of trustees.
> I really think this is a bad thing because we all become
> out of touch with what is happening in the network provider 
> industry. Not all sectors of the industry operate in the same 
> way or have the same problems or view the world in the same 
> way. Diversity leads to strength and the policy 
> discussions are not as diverse as they should be.
> --Michael Dillon

You often make enlightened and insightful statements.  This email was not
such an example.  The Advisory Council makes NO policy.  Policy is proffered
by those that have an interest.  The AC evaluates policy statements for
clarity and/or applicability.  It judges consensus by those that
participate.  I suspect your response to that statement, is to itemize
"applicability" as the AC's unfair throttling by we 'industry elite'.  Fat
chance that I should be 'accused' of being an industry elite...though I'm
willing to own up to it if you'll write my boss to tell her that, as such, I
should be elevated in rank or salary.  I'm classic democracy!  I'm a nobody
who takes all this seriously and wants to ensure that ALL sides get heard.
You were in favor....sponsored....using HD Ratios for v4.  That proposal
received a fair hearing by those that participated.  That proposal did not
receive a consensus endorsement.  That proposal resurfaced and was NOT
forwarded because of the recent consensus failure.  The policy proposal
safeguard of your rights to circumvent the AC was followed by you.  It
received another airing...the proposal was introduced needing only 'minimal
industry support', but failed to achieve such endorsement.  The AC did not
defeat this proposal.  Lack of support for this proposal by those that
participate defeated it.  You could neither activate participation nor
support for the proposal.  Who's fault is that?

As for participation.  Explain to me how a 'members list' would entice any
more participation than the 'ppml list' and access to email addresses of all
AC and BoT members?  Would your HD Ratio proposal have garnered more support
on yet another list?  How would YOU suggest that ARIN generate greater
participation?  ARIN wants and invites participation.  It IS an open and
transparent organization.

My feeling is that ARIN gets less participation than you or I or all of ARIN
would like, because people do not perceive themselves to be negatively
affected.  If they do, they feel that that is their ISPs fault.  I wish ALL
ISPs would advise their customers about ARIN and encourage them to become
familiar with and participate in the process of determining their Internet
numbers policy future. I wish all ISPs did!  I do believe that ARIN itself
could outreach to more entities if you and others think that that is an
appropriate expenditure of your $$$.  

Though so many people felt strongly about the last national
elections...where there was tremendous exposure and money spend by both
parties, party-supporting action committees, endorsements by celebrities,
media exposure....and everyone KNOWS that the outcomes WILL affect them
personally and financially........ turnout for the election was still poor.
Who's fault is that?

Bill Darte
CAIT - Washington University in St. Louis

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