[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv6 HD ratio

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue May 10 16:51:51 EDT 2005

> You have it backwards:
>    (utilization threshold %)
>        HD=0.8   HD=0.94
> /32    10.9%    51.4%
> /20    2.1%     31.2%
> The utilization threshold for a /20 is 15 times higher for /20
> but only 5 times higher for a /32.
While that is technically true... I think that it is hard to say that
51.4% is not significantly harder than 31.2.  The guy with the /32
would still have almost twice the burden of the guy with the /20.

> There are some good reasons to consider a flat threshold, but as long
> as we are using HD it should at least be sane.  Does anyone really think
> a 50% utilization rate is opressive?
No, but, I really think a 31% rate is liberal.  I think that the HD ratio
isn't necessarily the correct approach.  The inherent assumption that
hierarchical complexity is geometrically proportional to total address
space does not fit with my experience.  As such, I think we're trying to
use one approximation as an input into a forumula to determine another
approximation and then taking the inverse log of the rounding error.


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