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Howard, W. Lee L.Howard at stanleyassociates.com
Tue May 10 14:51:42 EDT 2005

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> Howard, W. Lee wrote:
> > Looks to me like the debate is about the values of "egregious" and 
> > "miserly." Personally, I tend toward conservatism, on the 
> basis that 
> > it's easier to loosen the sphincter than tighten it.
> In general the RIR community has become so accustomed to 
> conservatism that they can't see any reason to even consider 
> that they might be killing off innovation in the process.

You attribute a motive where I don't believe there is enough 
evidence to do so.  

Is it possible that we're thoughtfully concerned, rather than
reacting out of habit?  It may be that active members of PPML
have a breadth of imagination that allows for the possibility
of address space exhaustion.


> Tony

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