[ppml] Proposed Policy: AfriNIC Recognition Policy

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Tue May 10 12:33:57 EDT 2005

This seems a straighforward conclusion to the anticipated withdrawal of this
policy element.  Given that the policy is no longer in force given the ARIN
BoT suspension after the successful emergence and recognition of AfriNIC by
ICANN, I support this proposal.

And congratulations to AfriNIC http://www.afrinic.net/ once again...

Bill Darte
CAIT - Washington University in St. Louis

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> ARIN received the following proposed policy.  In accordance 
> with the ARIN Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process, 
> the proposal is being posted to the ARIN Public Policy 
> Mailing List and being placed on ARIN's website.
> The ARIN Advisory Council will review the proposal and within 
> ten working days may decide to:
> 1)  support the proposal as is,
> 2)  work with the author to clarify, divide or combine one or 
> more policy proposals, or
> 3)  not support the policy proposal.
> If the AC supports the proposal or reaches an agreement to 
> work with the author, then the proposal will be posted as a 
> formal policy proposal to the Public Policy Mailing List and 
> it will be presented at the Public Policy Meeting.  If the AC 
> does not support the proposal, then the author may elect to 
> use the petition process to advance the proposal. If the 
> author elects not to petition or the petition fails, then the 
> proposed policy will be considered closed.
> The ARIN Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process can be 
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> Policy Proposal Name: AfriNIC Recognition Policy
> Author: Andrew Dul
> Policy term: permanent
> Policy statement: Remove section 4.8 entitled "Policy for the 
> African Portion of the ARIN Region" of the NRPM.
> Rationale: The ARIN BoT recently suspended section 4.8 of the 
> NRPM upon recognition of AfriNIC as an RIR by ICANN.  Section 
> 4.8 of the NRPM applied only to areas of the ARIN region that 
> are now covered by AfriNIC.
> Timetable for implementation: Within 30 days of ratification 
> by the BoT.

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