Pragmatism (was Re: [ppml] Re: 2005-1:Multi-national Business Enablement)

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at
Mon May 9 16:15:59 EDT 2005

At 13:02 -0700 5/9/05, Owen DeLong wrote:

>Ed> Especially because the ITU's managed address space has not run out.
>Only because ITU's managed address space is not fixed in length.  It's

Yeah, exactly.  Well, that's one reason.

>Ed> IPv4's is allegedly (prompting IPv6), so if we deplete v6 also the ITU
>Ed> can claim "we've never exhausted an address pool but they have - twice!"
>They could, but, they'd be making a very specious claim about completely
>unrelated issues.

<Sarcasm> Like specious claims never hurt anyone.</Sarcasm>

When I wrote this I was thinking of the lack of Major League Baseball 
in Washington DC from 1972 until 2004.  DC is the only city to have 
lost two franchises, taking 33 years to "earn" another.

Variable length addresses and the low barrier to entry for obtaining 
space are two real differences between the ITU and RIRs.  There are 
probably more.
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