[ppml] IPv6>>32

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Mon May 9 14:16:53 EDT 2005

jordi wrote, again in response to leo, as follows:

> We have lots of examples of people don't following RFCs, and I don't
> mean I agree with that, but is real life.
> Keeping 128 bits in the lookup tables of core routers has been seen by
> some chip set vendors as not useful, very expensive and time
> consuming, while they only handle actually 64 bits routes in that part
> of the network.

no doubt.

> Those routers don't expect to see the 64 bits of the host field to be
> required for the routing, because they look into the aggregated route
> towards the PoP, access network, or whatever is next.

what routers?  you lost me on that last part.  which router/routers, exactly?


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