Pragmatism (was Re: [ppml] Re: 2005-1:Multi-national Business Enablement)

Randy Bush randy at
Thu May 5 14:15:32 EDT 2005

> Actually, I believe the ITU position (if it can be said to have a 
> position) is that telecommunications (which includes the Internet) is a 
> national sovereignty issue and nations have the right and 
> responsibility to regulate and/or charge for whatever they feel 
> appropriate to suit their national interests.  While people in "the 
> West" may feel this is simply wrong, I suspect you'd get strenuous 
> arguments from people in countries where telecommunication settlements 
> account for significant portions of their country's GNP.

you are likely correct here, if by
  people in the west you mean the general populace, and by
  people in ... you mean the monopoly ptts there
but the actual division is between the telcos, who make the
money, and the populace, which, if they see anything, tend
to see social benefit to open and less financially burdened
communication.  and guess who the itu represents.


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