[ppml] /48 vs /32 micro allocations

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Tue Mar 15 12:57:53 EST 2005

> Others have addressed authentication but I think maintaining the MRU
> above /48 would help. 

	crux of the issue...  the "MRU" you continually refer to 
	is strictly between you and your peers.  It has or should
	have no relationship to the "MRU" between me and my peers.
	RIR delegation policy may impact how -YOU- set your own 
	routing policies and it -MIGHT- impact mine... but there
	can't be any inference on RIR delegation/assignment policy
	wrt routing.... since RIRs don't route.

> Would you agree that:
> - There is a benefit to increasing micro allocations above /48 WRT MRU

	in some twisted universe... sure - but not very much so in
	my particular circle of hell.

> - There is some value between /32 and /47 where the benefits outweigh
> the risks?

	yes... but those same arguments hold for delegations 
	between  /96 and /112 ....  
> Considering that allocation policy can always be revised in the future.
> (we're only talking about critical infrastructure at this point).

	policies can be revised. recovering old delegations is 
	difficult and painful.  and for that matter, what IS
	critical infrastructure anyway?  if its a single IP
	address, then critical infrastructure should be delegated
	a /127 ... or at most a /126.  and you should be happy to
	carry it. as the small number of exceptions to your own 
	MRU that otherwise forbids anything (else) greater than a
	/32.    Keep your hands off my MRU thank you very much.
	And I'll reciprocate and keep my hands off your MRU.  Feel
	free to set what ever policy you desire on your border.
	And remember, there is no such thing as the "Global" Internet
	or the one, true, routing table.  It all depends on when and
	where you look.  Expunge this fiction of a global routing table
	from your mind and you will be much happier.   Focus on getting 
	& delivering the bits your customer(s) want/need/are willing 
	to pay for.  The rest of the folks in the loose mesh that passes 
	for the Internet will thank you for tending that part of the

> Kevin

--bill (still being grumpy - it was a long night)

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