[ppml] The Open Policy Hour

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Thu Mar 17 15:19:24 EST 2005

Do you have an idea about how ARIN should manage Internet Number
Resources? Do you think that a current policy should be enhanced or
changed, or even retired? Are you hesitant about making a formal
proposal on the Public Policy Mail List (PPML)? Are you new to the
Policy Development Process?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should attend

What is THE OPEN POLICY HOUR? Quite simply, it is your opportunity to
discuss your ideas in an open, informal forum and receive feedback. It
is not a review session of the policies that will be discussed during
the ARIN XV Public Policy meeting, nor is it a requirement for a policy
to be considered in the ARIN Internet Resource Policy Evaluation
Process. There are no minutes of this meeting.

How can you participate? Bring your ideas and questions. If you have a
policy proposal for which you would like to receive feedback prior to
submitting it to the community on the PPML, here is your opportunity. If
you have a short (3-minute) presentation prepared you can do it at this
session, in fact you will be given the first opportunity to present it.
To sign up please send an e-mail to policy at arin.net by April 12, 2005,
with your name, organization, and a general description of your policy

Come join your colleagues in this informal setting; light refreshments
will be available. The Open Policy Hour for ARIN XV will be held on
Sunday, April 17, from 5:00 - 5:30 PM.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you haven't already registered for ARIN XV and
NAv6TF Summit, do so right away. If you reserve your hotel room before
March 25, you can take advantage of the ARIN XV/NAv6TF special room
rates. The number of rooms available at this rate is limited, so don't

Registration is simple. Registration and hotel details are at:


Agenda details are at:


Contact Member Services at memsvcs at arin.net if you have any questions.


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