[ppml] Too many words...

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Wed Jun 15 07:28:58 EDT 2005

> For that matter, the word "Recordable" serves little purpose in your
> statement.  "Other media" is, I think, a better choice.

"Recordable media" is a plain English term used to 
draw a distinction between the things we are talking
about and other things like the "news media".

It is possible to write clear and simple policies in
plain English without resorting to overspecification
of details which should not be within the scope of
ARIN policy at all.

> I don't know that your statement is necessarily true.  I suspect that 
> probably did talk to the staff and did put some effort into determining
> the feasibility of what he proposes.  Admittedly, we are both making
> assumptions here. 

I'm not making assumptions. I quote from a staff email 
of June 10th:

1. In response to the media question; ARIN has only provided bulk WHOIS 
ftp.  The only data CD-ROM that ARIN has produced in the last five years 
in conjunction with the database conversion several years ago.  One was
prepared for each organization and provided all data relative to all of 
resources for that organization that was in the ARIN database.

> And my opinion is that your attempt to shorten and simplify does not
> produce as good a result and that the details you are attempting to get
> rid of are not unnecessary.  As usual, I suspect we should agree to
> disagree on this.

Do you really believe that it is necessary for us to
expand ARIN's policy and create a requirement for
CD-ROM publishing that did not exist in the past?

> Unless, of course, the CD came with the data in one portable format and
> scripts were made available to convert to any of the 5 aforementioned
> formats.

So now you want ARIN to not only maintain a virtually 
obsolete means of data transfer, but also to maintain 
and provide software to decode the data? Will ARIN also
provide technical support for this software? And will the
policy detail the hours of technical support and whether
or not this software support is by phone or by email?

Is there anyone else out there who believes in the
maxim: "Less is MORE!"?

--Michael Dillon

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