[ppml] Directory Services - Take 2

Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com Michael.Dillon at btradianz.com
Mon Jun 13 11:49:58 EDT 2005

> If IP addresses are opaque to the 
> DIT, that means you aren't using the DIT which begs the question of 
> why you are using LDAP.  This problem is far more complex than you 
> are painting it.

This problem has already been solved. Just take the XML
schema from IRIS and map it into LDAP. The point of using
LDAP is not to somehow be pure to some mythical x.500
model, but simply to allow the deployment of of-the-shelf
software for both the server and client side of the 
whois directory queries. LDAP, whether you like it or
not, is a widely deployed, well-understood and
well-supported technology with many off-the-shelf
server and client implementations available, both
commercial and open source. Every one of the larger
ARIN members already runs LDAP in their organization
and has some level of LDAP expertise on staff. This
is a ubiquitous technology.

ARIN can't afford to develop new technology. We have
to work with stuff that is already available off the
shelf and can be glued together with a minimum of 
additional development. All the technology suggestions
I have made for improving the publication of the 
whois directory, were made with this in mind.

ARIN simply cannot piggyback off the IRIS development
being done by the very wealthy domain name industry 
until they have implemented IRIS, worked out the bugs,
and seeded the market for software implementations so
that ARIN can pick and choose. There simply isn't a 
business case for small non-profit ARIN to spend money 
on a tool that is intended to benefit the much better 
funded for-profit domain name industry.

--Michael Dillon

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