[ppml] Directory Services - section 3.4.3

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Fri Jun 10 15:48:03 EDT 2005

More suggested edits:

    >      ARIN shall insure all contact information in the APID

Perhaps you mean "ensure that".

    >      is verified from time to time and is correct to the best of 
    >      ARIN's ability.

Estimation rather than ability.  Correctness is a property, not an action.

    >        If ARIN is unable to verify contact information via the normal
    >        verification procedure ARIN shall attempt to notify the parent
    >        of the resource to have the information updated.

The "parents" of resources are themselves resources, and not subject to 
notification.  The _recipients_ of resources, or the _recipients_ of 
_parent resources_, however, are organizations, and thus subject to 

    >        Resource holders who fail to respond to third parties
    >        more than 4 times per month for three months may have their
    >        resources reclaimed at the discretion of ARIN staff.
While I appreciate the intention here, I'm sure someone can generate 
enough contact attempts to overwhelm the ability of a reasonable 
resource-holder to respond.  So I'm not sure that this is actually useful.  
I do agree that if they fail to respond to _ARIN contacts_, their space 
should eventually be pulled.

    >        The ARIN staff shall publish the time thresholds and procedural
    >        details to implement this policy on the ARIN web site.

Vast overspecification.

    >        ARIN shall publish the APID in the following methods using
    >        industry standard practices:
    >            - Via the WHOIS protocol.
    >            - Via a query form accessible via the HTTP protocol.
    >            - Via FTP to users who complete the bulk data form.
    >            - Via CDROM to users who complete the bulk data form.
    >            - Via the RWHOIS protocol.

Again, this is vast overspecification.

    >        ARIN may refer a query to a outside source (for instance via
    >        RWHOIS or HTTP redirect).  Outside sources must:
    >        1 Have an AUP deemed compatible with the ARIN AUP by ARIN staff.
    >        2 Support the applications in section 3.3.1.
    >        3 Prohibit the applications in section 3.3.2.
    >        4 Meet the requirements in section 3.3.3.

Points 2-4 are redundant with point 1, and can thus be deleted.

    > 	 * The distributed information service must be operational
    > 	   24 hours a day, 7 days a week to both the general public
    > 	   and ARIN staff.  The service is allowed reasonable
    > 	   downtime for server maintenance according to generally
    > 	   accepted community standards.

These two sentences are mutually exclusive.  Pick one, preferably the 
latter, and delete the other.

    >          * The distributed information service must return current
    >            information.

Overspecification.  Of course that'll be done to the best of staff's 


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