[ppml] Directory Services - section 3.4.3

Azinger, Marla marla_azinger at eli.net
Fri Jun 10 15:44:41 EDT 2005

I agree and like what you suggest.  Thanks for helping to simplify!


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    >         ARIN shall allow all non-prohibited uses of the APID, however
    >         unless those uses are listed as a supported use the data set
    >         may be changed in such a way as to render them ineffective,
    >         or they may be blocked outright as deemed necessary by ARIN
    >         staff.  Users of applications not listed who are concerned
    >         that they are supported should introduce a proposal to add
    >         their application to the supported list."

Let's just get clear what this paragraph is trying to say right now, 
first: It's saying that ARIN will maintain BOTH a list of ALLOWED (and 
supported) uses, AND a list of PROHIBITED uses.  Anything not on either 
list is unsupported and may be blocked at any time at the discretion of 
staff.  An ongoing mechanism for adding things to the "allowed" list is 

This seems like the same overspecification rathole we usually fall into, 
which makes for really vague, confusing, and difficult-to-implement 
policies.  How about just deleting section 3.3.2, and replacing sections 
3.4 and 3.5 with:

   3.4 Acceptable Use of the ARIN Public Information Database

      3.4.1 ARIN prohibits use of the APID for:
   the addressing of any unsolicited commercial
                 correspondence advertising a product or service, or
             to facilitate the violation of any law.

      3.4.2 Other uses of the APID shall be allowed, so long as they
            do not adversely impact use of the APID by others, or 
            impose an unreasonable burden upon ARIN.
   3.5 Distribution of the APID
      3.5.1 While recipients of the APID may reuse or redistribute 
            data contained in the APID, any derivatives must also
            abide by the Acceptable Use Policy defined in Section 3.4.

Is anything significant lost or left out by that edit?

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