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Thomas Narten narten at us.ibm.com
Thu Jul 14 04:14:43 EDT 2005

FYI. The global-v6 list appears to still be active, and perhaps we can
revive the list to talk about things that really cross the entire RIR


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Subject: [GLOBAL-V6] draft-narten-iana-rir-ipv6-considerations-00.txt

I think/hope the global-v6 is still in operation, so this is a bit of
a test...

I've written a document that attempts to give background and describe
the bigger picture w.r.t. IPv6 address space management and the
various issues that are now being discussed (e.g., hd ratio, /48
boundary, etc.).  This document is intended to provide information and
explain the broader landscape, rather than propose specific changes,

I'd welcome discussion/feedback on it, and this list seems as good a
place as any.

Likewise, there is another document that will be discussed at the
upcoming Paris IETF meeting.


That document will be discussed in the IPv6 WG:

      mailing list:  https://www1.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/ipv6

Finally, significant discussion on the general topic has already place
(and continues) in the ARIN and RIPE regions. Folk may want to
review/follow some of the discussions that have taken place there:


(I believe the pointers to the ARIN/RIPE discussions have been sent to
APNIC lists, but I don't believe a lot of discussion has taken place
there - yet).

global-v6 mailing list
global-v6 at lists.apnic.net

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