[ppml] RIPE IPv4 HD-Ratio last call

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Wed Jul 13 08:46:44 EDT 2005

This post is to inform you of a development outside the ARIN region.

An IPv4 HD-Ratio proposal has moved to last call in the RIPE region.  It
proposes using the HD-Ratio to measure IPv4 usage.  The last call ends
on July 15, 2005.  The discussion is on the RIPE Address Policy Working
Group mailing list.

The last call post was sent by Hans Petter Holen on 7/1/2005 and the
subject of the post is "last Call: Policy proposal #beta  HD ratio
policy proposal".  The post is available at:

Anyone with an interest in Internet numbering issues is welcome to
observe, participate and contribute to the RIPE Address Policy Working
Group.  Subscription information is available at:


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