[ppml] Proposed Policy: 4-Byte AS Number Policy Proposal

Rich Emmings rich at nic.umass.edu
Mon Dec 12 17:36:20 EST 2005

A possible addition is for space to be left aside in the proposal for private 4 byte AS numbers, perhaps:

  1) in the same range as the 2 byte range, i.e. 64512 - 65534:x or
  2) in each range (x:64512 - 65534)

Notes: a) not sure the status of AS23456 with regard to this, if any.
        b) administrative ease is addressed here by using the same range, at the possible expense of "c"
        c) efficiency of allocation is not -- could be with a small range at the top, at the expense of "b"

In addition, documention-only ASN's may be of use, ala the IPv4 addresses in 
RFC3330.  While the private range can be used, in BGP documentation, as with 
others, it's harder to determine 'public' from 'private' when only private 
space is used.

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, Member Services wrote:
> [deleted]
> ### * ###
> Policy Proposal Name:
>         4-Byte AS Number Policy Proposal
> Author: Geoff Huston

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