[ppml] Proposed Policy: 4-Byte AS Number Policy Proposal

Andrew Dul andrew.dul at quark.net
Mon Dec 12 13:08:38 EST 2005

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>  Subject: Re: [ppml] Proposed Policy: 4-Byte AS Number Policy Proposal
>  Sent: 12 Dec '05 09:28
>  On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, Andrew Dul wrote:
>  > This is proposed as a temporary policy, which to me means that if the
>  > policy is approved at some point it will automatically be removed from
>  > the NPRM on 1/1/2010.  Which means we will then only have the current AS
>  > number policy.  Does everyone feel that the current text will then be
>  > sufficient in a 4 byte world?  Or do we need additional text to deal
>  > with the new issues in a 4-byte world?
>  What issues?

Suppose I wanted, for some reason, an AS from the old 2-byte space.  Could I request one?   Or maybe I wanted a 4-byte for another reason could I request one be allocated from that range?

Mostly I just asking the question, since moving to a 4-byte world seems to be a pretty big step and we should try and cover the various cases that are going to develop from this change.


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