[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv6 Direct assignments to end sites

marcelo bagnulo braun marcelo at it.uc3m.es
Tue Aug 30 14:55:10 EDT 2005

El 30/08/2005, a las 19:33, Kevin Loch escribió:

> marcelo bagnulo braun wrote:
>> Having two tunnels configured with different tunnels providers through
>> a single dsl line would fulfill this requirement?
> The tunnel language was included because there is not enough
> deployment of native IPv6 throughout the ARIN reigon yet.

i can see this point

> There is at least one large provider that offers v6 everywhere
> but the chances of a typical enterprise or large content site
> getting native v6 over their current v4 providers is fairly slim.


> The tunnel requirement is consistent with the way many applicants
> would actually use IPv6 in the near term.

right, but i guess that there is a difference between actually 
obtaining connectivity through two different ISPs than getting 
connectivity through one ISP and setting up two tunnels over a dsl line

I mean if a site is obtaining connectivity through two differnet 
providers an those don't provide native v6 connectivity, so a tunnel 
must be set up, i agree that this is a multihomed site. OTOH, if a site 
has a single dsl line and is setting two v6 tunnels to some tunnels 
servers around the globe, i must say that they shouldn't qualify for a 
PI block imho

>> I guess this would allow any IPv6 fan to have their own PI prefix
>> fairly easily, so i would argue for stronger requirements than this...
>> At least to be really multihomed, i.e. two different ISPs providing
>> different physical connectivity to the end site, similar to IPv4, i
>> guess
> The current v4 policy just says "multi-homed".  It doesn't say anything
> about separate physical connections or the speed of the lines.

arin v4 policy defines

2.7. Multi-homed - An organization is multi-homed if it receives 
full-time connectivity from more than one ISP and has one or more 
routing prefixes announced by at least two of its upstream ISPs.

i think this is conceptually different from a site with a dsl line and 
two tunnels, imho

regards, marcelo

> - Kevin
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