[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv6 Direct assignments to end sites

Kurt Erik Lindqvist kurtis at kurtis.pp.se
Tue Aug 30 06:46:15 EDT 2005

On 29 aug 2005, at 16.17, Member Services wrote:

[Proposal deleted]

You might want to note that there is no guarantee that this  
assignment will actually get routed. Just as in some RIR regions you  
will get less than a /24 v4 space as PI space, and you won't get very  

> To qualify for a direct end site assignment, an
>                   organization must:
>                   a) not be an LIR;
>                   b) be an end site;
>                   c) be currently multi-homed using IPv6 to two or  
> more
>                      separate LIR's. native connections or statically
>                      configured tunnels may be used to satisfy this
>                      requirement.

What's a "statically configured tunnel" ? Does MPLS count? I would  
not call that a statically configured tunnel. So most L2VPN services  
are out of the question...

- kurtis -

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