[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv4 Micro-allocations for anycast services

David Ulevitch davidu at everydns.net
Fri Aug 12 13:15:53 EDT 2005

On Aug 12, 2005, at 9:26 AM, Alec H. Peterson wrote:

> --On August 12, 2005 9:23:36 -0700 David Ulevitch  
> <davidu at everydns.net> wrote:
>> I'm not sure that's the right idea.  For example, I can multihome   
>> just
>> fine with my ISP assigned block but I can't deploy an inter-as   
>> anycast
>> system with it.  Why should I abuse the micro-allocation or / 22  
>> end-user
>> multihoming policy just to meet an anycast /24 policy?
> I am not suggesting you abuse anything.

Of course.

> I am trying to make suggestions for a policy that will help the  
> largest number of people possible while minimizing abuse.

This is what we all want.  And to be clear, I think the policy is  
good and should move forward by the AC.

Specifically because the policy proposal specifically requires two  
discrete multihomed networks.  That the policy "may lead to  
additional improper allocations to organizations that simply wish to  
acquire additional small blocks of space" doesn't seem so serious a  
concern to me as these organizations already have many avenues in  
which to apply for allocations under the existing ARIN policies.  I  
think DW has taken enough care to make this proposed micro-allocation  
policy no easier than any of the others.

I believe and hope that this proposal will open doors to the right  
organizations who have a need to anycast a service on their network.


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