[ppml] IPv6 & /48 [was 2005-1:Business Need for PI Assignment s]

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Wed Apr 27 08:49:18 EDT 2005

This...in my opinion is THE biggest issue that impacts the v6 ability to
achieve the 2 objectives it most needs to accomplish..... Easy
administration without renumbering or returning for more....AND relatively
conservative allocations.

2^48 seems like a reasonable number of interfaces to exist on a single
subnet, huh? Then.... allocate 16 bits for subnetting if it must be....and
call that /64 the fundamental minimum allocation.  


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> just to throw in a serious bomb, there is no actual real 
> technical reason for the /64 magic boundary.  it's one of the 
> last big pieces of the old v6 religion.  but beware that it 
> does have some ties to ether-like mac addresses and hence 
> auto-numbering.
> randy

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