[ppml] 2005-1:Multi-national Business Enablement

Lea Roberts lea.roberts at stanford.edu
Sat Apr 23 16:46:26 EDT 2005

Owen -

NOTE: this is only hearsay, perhaps I misunderstood.

FYI, it was reported in Orlando by several large orgsnizations that they
were denied IPv6 allocations by ARIN staff who interpreted that the 200
"other organizations" had to be financially separate, i.e. not receiving
funding from the applicant orgsnization.

NOTE: this is only hearsay, perhaps I misunderstood.
(still sorry, Doug :-)

in any case, it seems for large, multi-site organizations to qualify we
need to continue to clarify the policy...			/Lea

On Sat, 23 Apr 2005, Owen DeLong wrote:

> >> If you're going to be an LIR, it comes with the responsibility for
> >> building a backbone sufficient to meet your Intradomain connectivity
> >> needs.
> >
> > Can you show me the policy where this is outlined? I don't know any
> > RIR IP addressing or membership policy which suggests any
> > responsibilities in regard of routing matters.
> >
> Well... I suppose it's not explicitly stated in RIR policy, but, it is
> certainly implicit in the definition of an LIR:
> 2.4. Local Internet Registry (LIR) - A Local Internet Registry (LIR) is an
> IR that primarily assigns address space to the users of the network
> services that it provides. LIRs are generally ISPs, whose customers are
> primarily end users and possibly other ISPs.
> If you are assigning address space to users of network services that you
> provide, than, isn't providing those network services inherent in that
> definition?
> >> If your dealing with multiple organizations that are diversly
> >> connected, then, topologically they are many small organizations,
> >> not one large one.
> >
> > Routing-wise yes. Organizationally most often not.
> >
> My point is that the IP Policy definition of an Organization tends to be
> more topologically aligned than financially.  This is an unfortunately
> vague part of the policy (for example, the term organization is often
> used and never defined), but, lots of large companies (and even some
> smaller ones) comprise multiple organizations for IP allocation purposes.
> Owen
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