[ppml] 2005-1:Multi-national Business Enablement

Lea Roberts lea.roberts at stanford.edu
Sat Apr 23 10:35:01 EDT 2005

Owen (et al) -

for DSL users, ARIN's NRPM section 6.9, channeling RFC3177, says:

"In particular, we recommend:

   o    Home network subscribers, connecting through on demand or
        always on connections should receive a /48."

so the DSL assertion is within current policy...  though I agree it seems
somewhat wasteful.  I suspect the basis is as assumption that multiple
subnet homes will become the norm.

note that the IPv6 round table on Wednesday included some presentations
and lively discussion regarding whether it's time to revise the
reassignment part of the IPv6 policy to include at least a /56 if not a
/60 as recommendations.  Geoff Huston has produced some calculations that
show using the current policy would potentially consume a substantial
fraction of the IPv6 address space within 60 years.  Adding /56 for
reassignments, e.g. for home DSL connections,  would provide a 2 orders of
magnitude cushion.

but that's for a separate discussion....   more on that later!   /Lea

On Sat, 23 Apr 2005, Owen DeLong wrote:

> > Let's make a nice normal typical example of a 'multi-national business':
> >
> > Thus there is a company lets name it Example Corp.
> > This company has offices (read: sites) all around the world (New York,
> > Amsterdam, Paris, London, Tokyo, Canberra, Seoul, Lima, etc). Every site
> > has their own admins so they want a /48 per site, just like every
> > enduser with a dsl line, cellphone, or whatever connectivity method gets
> > a /48. As this company is large it also has a lot of employees, and
> > these like to dial in to the company network using VPN's. Thus everytime
> > a employee connects, this employees network wants to get connected to
> > the company network and thus the VPN gets a /48 routed over it too.
> >
> Um... generally, the company should be giving /64s to the employees, VPNs,
> etc., not /48s.  Every end user with a DSL line, generally, should also be
> getting a /64 unless they have need of multiple networks, in which case,
> a /48 would be justified.

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