[ppml] v6 PI space and Edu

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Apr 22 02:28:30 EDT 2005

Fictional example:

We, Ferndale Underwater Controlled Kinetics University, propose to provide
a V6 /48 to each of our 200 dorm rooms as well as IP services for the
various departments, libraries, and administrative, and infrastructure
facilities on the campus.  As such, we wish to become an LIR.  Given
that we have 200 dorm rooms each of which is a customer, we believe
that we qualify under the IPv6 policies for a direct ARIN allocation
to us as an LIR.

Guess what... The above complies with the policy and they would be able
to do it.  Do you really think that there is a university that can't come
up with a plan for 200 downstream "customers" if they can count all their
departments, admin, campus health, etc. and, if they provide IP services
to students in their dorms, those count too?

I think current policy more than adequately meets the needs of most colleges
and universities.

2005-1 is really not aimed at anyone providing IP services.  It is designed
to facilitate the business use of IPv6, which, will not become reality 
some form of PI or a real solution to easy renumbering without provider 


--On Thursday, April 21, 2005 16:37 +0000 Andrew Dul <andrew.dul at quark.net> 

> I don't know the current status of v6 deployments of universities and
> other edu orgs around the region, but it certainly would be helpful to
> encouraging deployment if v6 was available to all those students with too
> much time on their hands.   :)
> Under the current v6 allocation scheme it would be unlikely that a
> university could get a direct ARIN allocation unless the operated a
> "network" that served served multiple customers.  I can think of a number
> of university network groups that would qualify, but I doubt that all
> will.
> Seems to me that it only makes sense to promote v6 deployments in edu, if
> that means 1 prefix in the routing table for each major university that
> seems reasonable to me.
> Perhaps the "breakthrough app" for North America would come from there...
> Andrew

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