[ppml] black hole lists

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Thu Apr 21 16:39:45 EDT 2005

> > in today's meeting, william(at)elan mentioned some stuff about what
> > he called "blacklists".  as the original inventor, and as someone
> > who's spent a lot of time listening to lawyers, i ask you all to
> > please call them "black hole lists".
> Why?

does it matter?  i coined the term -- i get to say what i meant.

> If it's because it sounds non-PC to juries, that's an answer I can
> accept, BTW.

it's because of a possible implied intent do to harm.

> How about "blocklists"? I also have to wonder what an
> OK-sounding-to-juries name would be for "whitelists"...

blocklist is just as bad.  lawyers are funny.  (and now we're funny too.)

> > ..., then the risk of subscribing to a black hole list would begin
> > to outweigh the risk of not subscribing to any, and black hole lists
> > would start to die off."
> Depends on how you mean it. Not all reasons for
> blacklists/blocklists/whatever are for abuse - some of it is more like a
> shared version of a USENET killfile.

i dare say that non-reputational lists aren't creating the operational
problems that made william(at)elan mention this on the remote participation
channel of this week's arin meeting.

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