[ppml] Policy Proposal 2005-2: Directory Services Overhaul

Jeff Williams jwkckid1 at ix.netcom.com
Tue Apr 19 01:55:35 EDT 2005

Leo and all,

  Understood.  However not acting appropriately and promptly in
some instances is as bad as over acting.  Hence the need to define
in a hard and fast manner as part of this policy what constitutes
when and for what reasons a direct and prompt action is
necessary IMHO...

Leo Bicknell wrote:

> In a message written on Sun, Apr 17, 2005 at 11:46:37PM -0700, Jeff Williams wrote:
> >   I can understand your attitude and concern here.  Yet it seems
> > more than obvious that discretion needs limits and hence a
> > flexible policy seem appropriate that has hard and fast requirements
> > regarding reporting, ect.    How for instance will it be knowable if
> > any ARIN staff member is using good and reasoned discretion?
> > Or does one just assume such?
> While the ARIN staff has some leeway in the policy as proposed, the
> policy clearly requires ARIN to document the process they will use
> on the ARIN public web site before implementing the plan.  The
> discretion is that the staff can construct the process in the most
> efficient manor for them and for the ARIN members.  Since it will
> be clearly and publically posted before it can be implemented if
> the ARIN staff somehow abuses their discretion (which I consider
> highly unlikely, as Owen points out they are more likely to err on
> the side of not acting, rather than acting too much) in the
> construction of the procedure there will be an opportunity for
> public outcry after it's posted but before the policy is actually
> implemented.
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