[ppml] comments on 2004-8

Geoff Huston gih at apnic.net
Mon Apr 18 06:41:32 EDT 2005

>This "arena" is not just for discussing ARIN policy text. That's
>why I brought up the issue here. And while it is not appropriate
>for ARIN to make a policy telling IANA what to do, it is certainly
>appropriate for any interested party to post to this list and
>tell IANA to publish their data in a machine parseable format
>such as RPSL or XML or both.


 From the Internet draft: draft-huston-ip6-iana-registry-05.txt (in RFC 
Editor Queue)

   "The proposed format for the IANA registry is a small step towards the
    creation of a registry that can be used as a trust point for
    commencing a chain of address validation.  Consideration should be
    given to IANA registry publication formats that are machine
    parseable, and also the use of file signatures and associated
    certificate mechanisms to allow applications to confirm that the
    registry contents are current, and that they have been published by
    the IANA."

As one of a number of folk who attempt to parse some of these IANA
registries, it would certainly be useful to have equivalent machine parseable
forms of these registries.

A modest attempt to generate an equivalent form of the IPv4, IPv6 and AS
registries in the same format as the RIR stats files can be found at

XML would also be of assistance to allow for a more stable form of
reading this IANA information.



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