[ppml] comments on 2005-2

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Apr 15 17:59:07 EDT 2005

># If a third party submits reports of the inability to make contact 
># that are subsequently disproven, ARIN may choose to ignore 
># reports from specific companies, people, e-mail addresses, or 
># any other classification means as appropriate. 
> If ARIN does not respond to the party reporting, what does it matter if
> ARIN (staff?) chooses to ignore a reporting party that is known for
> "crying wolf?" 
> I.e., I am questioning the need for the quoted paragraph. 

Whether the third party knows it or not, the ARIN staff would still be
required to do the full investigation on each wolf cry without this
paragraph.  That is the need for the paragraph.  It provides an out
for the staff to use discretion in ignoring such repeat complaints.
Without it, policy requires them to evaluate each one even though the
results for the complainer are the same either way.


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