[ppml] 2005-1 and/or Multi6

Kevin Loch kloch at hotnic.net
Thu Apr 14 14:36:42 EDT 2005

Thomas Narten wrote:
> At some point in the future, when filtering is _required_ to keep the
> routing infrastructure functioning, ISPs will want to be able to
> impose filtering that makes at least some sense. Giving everyone equal
> size prefixes pretty much ensures that will never happen, because they
> will all look the same.

If /32's were allocated out of a distinct block of addresses they
would be easy to identify.

But identification isn't enough.  As long as there are /32's
that aren't filtered it will be hard to say some /32's are "good"
and other /32's are "bad."  Especially in the real world of
cash, lawyers and government.

This is the same reason I suggested it might not be wise to use /48
for end sites. "how can you justify filtering my (deaggregated) /48
when you don't filter all those other /48's?"

- Kevin

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