[ppml] 2005-1 and/or Multi6

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Apr 14 14:25:40 EDT 2005

> ACK. But then we'd need BGP5. Question is, wether we shouldn't THEN
> actually move to a new model which really seperates identity and locator
> _from_the_beginning_ and not crammed over IP/TCP/...
We absolutely need to do this eventually.  Until we do, there are a number
of issues that remain in the "too-hard" bucket:

	+	Easy renumbering (remember v6 was supposed to fix this,
					then abandoned it)
	+	ACL management (relates main cause of abandoning easy
	+	Routing Table Growth

	+	Ubiquitous multi-homing

	+	NAT Impacts on Peer-to-Peer capabilities

I am looking for collaborators to work with me on developing a proposal
to float before IETF which I think addresses this need, but, I am not
a protocol development expert, and, I would like to find someone who
understands the protocol issues better than myself who would like to
work with me on this.  If anyone on this list has interest, send me an
email off-list and I will forward you what I have so far.


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