[ppml] 2005-1 and/or Multi6

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Apr 14 13:49:41 EDT 2005

> First, an IPv6 /32 is the same percentage of the total address 
> space as an IPv4 /32. So I don't view this as being wasteful in
> any way. Second, an AS number holder has already met some
> qualifications to get the AS number and I think that should
> be sufficient to also get an IPv6 /32. 
An AS holder that needs a /32 instead of a /48 should have no
problem meeting the current guidelines for getting a /32.
To claim that this is not wasteful simply because it is the
same percentage of total space is absurd.  Waste is measured
in terms of efficient resource utilization.  Using 1 address
for a host (an IPv4 /32) is about as non-wasteful as you
can get.  OTOH, using 2^96 addresses for one host, or, even
for 1,000,000 hosts is quite a bit more wasteful.  I'm not
saying that waste in this case is necessarily harmful, but,
I do think it should still be avoided unless there is
compelling reason to commit such waste.

> And most importantly, I think it would be BAD precedent
> for ARIN to encourage the insertion of LONG prefixes in
> the global IPv6 routing table. Router manufacturers have
> some options to optimize their implementations if all
> PI prefixes are 32 bits or less. If we start issuing lots
> of /48s then we steal away that opportunity for optimizing
> the router hardware. That would be bad.
What exactly, in modern hardware, do you think can be optimized
at 32 bits that can't be optimized at 64?  Routers will have to
be able to route longer prefixes in a variety of scenarios
that have nothing to do with the RIR allocation size.  Any
router which optimizes IPv6 routing for /32s and shorter
will be fairly broken.  OTOH, if you optimize for /64 or less,
there's no reason not to hand out /48s, and, the router will
work in the currently defined IPv6 world.


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