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Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
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Thanks for the time and consideration..and the explicit feedback you provide
related to these policy proposals.  Being concise and specific allows easy
assessment of your comments.

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> # End-users not currently connected to an ISP and/or not 
> planning to be # connected to the Internet are encouraged to 
> use private IP address numbers # reserved for non-connected 
> networks (see RFC 1918). When private, # non-connected 
> networks require interconnectivity and the private IP address 
> # numbers are ineffective, globally unique addresses may be 
> requested and # used to provide this interconnectivity.
> I would like to add that these registrations are barred from listing 
> name servers.
> If these networks are truly "not...connected to the Internet" then 
> there is no reason to list name servers for these networks in the 
> Internet-viewable DNS and APID (ARIN Public Information Database). 
> There would be no reason for the registrant to operate name servers 
> on the public Internet for these unreachable destinations.
> Without barring name servers on these networks, there is potential 
> for lame (non-responsive) delegations.
> If a disconnected network numbered under this policy is to be 
> connected to the Internet, only then should name servers be permitted.
> I suppose that this policy is not intended to differentiate among 
> Internet-connected networks and non-connected.  The point of 
> restricting name servers is not to differentiate within the policy, 
> the point is to limit the spread of lame DNS delegations.
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