[ppml] 2005-1 and/or Multi6

Geoff Huston gih at apnic.net
Wed Apr 13 19:55:52 EDT 2005

At 02:09 AM 14/04/2005, Lea Roberts wrote:
>greetings all
>next week we'll be discussing 2005-1 in Orlando and I have some questions
>since one of the good arguments for 2005-1 is to allow provider
>independent multi-homing, is there anyone out there who has been following
>the multi6 working group in IETF who believes there will a timely
>alternative forthcoming from that working group?

"Timely" is the issue here.  I suspect this path is not one of the order of
months, and probably not in the order of a year or so.

>do folks believe that PI /48s assigned under 2005-1, should it become
>policy, would be willingly returned to ARIN by assignees once an
>alternative workable multi6 implementation exists or would this policy
>just create SWAMPv6?

Interesting question. I don't think there is enough data to answer this. In 
one scenario
where global routing slots were to be a resource that implied some for of
payment, then the decision to stick with a unique routing slot, or to use
an alternative technology along the lines of multi-6 would be largely an 
economic one
where each player makes a cost benefit judgement.


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