[ppml] 2005-1 and/or Multi6

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> >  since one of the good arguments for 2005-1 is to allow provider  
> > independent multi-homing, is there anyone out there who has been 
> > following  the multi6 working group in IETF who believes 
> there will a 
> > timely  alternative forthcoming from that working group?
> >  
> I was at the last IETF meeting in Minneapolis and attended 
> the multi6 working group meeting & shim6 BOF.  

Outstanding!  I wish there was more cross-over, myself included.

> I assume that those who received the address space would not 
> willingly return it.   

A reasonable assumption, IMHO.

> Interestingly I had an exchange at the microphone during the 
> IAB Plenary open session about this topic.  I pointed that 
> this policy existing and is being considered in the ARIN 
> region and if this policy was implemented the ideas about a 
> very small v6 routing table may go away.  Someone responded 
> with a comment like, that is just fine for the first 65k routes.

Any suggestion on the four billion routes after that?

What Moore's Law needs is penalties for non-compliance.


> Andrew

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